Seed of Abraham Pentecostal Church, Malawi & Mozambique - Building Projects

Here in Malawi there is an Increased number of orphaned children who are abandoned, distressed, in dire need of care, and support as well as basic needs such as education, food and compassion to enable them to grow well in health, spirituality, mentally and academically so that they can become reliable citizens. This property is currently available and has been for a lengthy time, for purchase. ~ Bishop Evans Khobidi
The comprehensive objective of this project is to implement a conducive environment of learning, feeding and rehabilitation infrastructures so that children should be provided with preschool, kindergarten, academics, food, exercises, health, serviced care and support under one roof in readiness for the purposes of molding them into self-reliant and productive future citizens who shall in turn help to transform their families, communities, church and nation.
Working together with a commitment to helping people and changing lives.
This is an opportunity to purchase an already built infrastructure which we have already identified, fit for the same. This property is located in Balaka Township at an area called Majiga 1 in Malawi where many, many vulnerable children are in need of care. ~Bishop Evans Khobidi